TTI - Transformational Teachers Institute

This three-day professional development series was designed utilizing research-based resources that have proven effective in assisting schools to improve student achievement. Teachers, as well as participating administrators, will explore leadership characteristics and opportunities, collaboration practices, and data-driven decision making to inform instruction. These strategies, when put into practice, translate to increased student and teacher efficacy.

Curriculum Audits

The Curriculum Audit Tool is designed to be either a district self-evaluation tool or a tool used by qualified ESC staff to conduct a formal curriculum audit for a district. The audit tool includes background information and overviews of appropriate processes used in a curriculum audit, such as: document review, needs surveys, and the use of focus groups. The tool focuses on eight standards of quality curriculum design:

  • Coordination of Curriculum – Horizontal Alignment
  • Articulation of Curriculum – Vertical Alignment
  • Monitoring of Curriculum
  • Needs Assessment
  • Curriculum Plan
  • Professional Development
  • Assessment and Use of Data
  • 21st Century Learning Skills

Each of these standards has specific indicators that are scored to help diagnose specific curricular needs.