Success Factor Logo Academic Performance
Academic performance is the foundational Critical Success Factor. By ensuring the Critical Success Factors of teacher quality, effective leadership, data driven instructional decisions, productive community and parent involvement, efficient use of learning time and maintaining a positive school climate, campuses can increase performance for all students. All of these research-based measures, when taken as a whole, are key to continuous school improvement.

Curriculum Audits

The Curriculum Audit Tool is designed to be either a district self-evaluation tool or a tool used by qualified ESC staff to conduct a formal curriculum audit for a district. The audit tool includes background information and overviews of appropriate processes used in a curriculum audit, such as: document review, needs surveys, and the use of focus groups. The tool focuses on eight standards of quality curriculum design:

  • Coordination of Curriculum – Horizontal Alignment
  • Articulation of Curriculum – Vertical Alignment
  • Monitoring of Curriculum
  • Needs Assessment
  • Curriculum Plan
  • Professional Development
  • Assessment and Use of Data
  • 21st Century Learning Skills

Each of these standards has specific indicators that are scored to help diagnose specific curricular needs.