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Teacher Quality focuses on the need to recruit and retain effective teachers while supporting and enhancing the knowledge and skills of current staff with job-embedded professional learning. Over two decades of research has demonstrated a clear connection between teacher quality and increased student performance Research shows that low-income students are more likely to benefit from instruction by a highly effective teacher than are their more advantaged peers (Nye, Konstantoupoulos, & Hedges, 2004). Students enrolled in successive classes taught by effective teachers show greater gains in student performance than student groups taught by less effective teachers (Sanders & Rivers, 1996). LEAs and campuses can have a direct impact on student achievement through the effective implementation of a comprehensive teacher quality program.

POD3 - Peer Observation Data-Driven Dialogue

The implementation of the strategies presented in POD3 increases the capacity of teachers and administrators to self-assess, collectively determine needs, and create paths for professional growth. This two-module series is based on research of best practices for collaboratively improving teacher quality through classroom observations. Unlike an evaluation system where administrators observe and provide feedback, the focus is on teachers observing classrooms to increase their own efficacy and instructional expertise.