Success Factor Logo Family/Community Engagement
Family and community engagement calls for increased opportunities for input from families and the community, as well as the necessity for effective communication and access to community services. Parent, family and community involvement has a direct correlation with academic achievement and school improvement. When school staff, parents, families and surrounding communities work together to support academic achievement students tend to earn higher grades, attend school longer and more regularly and eventually enroll in programs of higher education (Barton, 2003).

Grown Locally: Parent Power Community Capacity!

In an age when learners have greater needs and states have higher standards and fewer resources, the scale and complexity of sustained school improvement is too massive a challenge for schools alone.
Grown Locally is a one-day, hands-on, professional development workshop designed to improve the systems and processes that foster parent advocacy and support for teaching and learning. Based on a human centered design approach, school administrators and staff collaborate with a core parent team to:

  • Understand the parent experience
  • Analyze school specific data
  • Identify the greatest needs
  • Develop a plan that is relevant to the parent experience and ready for implementation